A Family Celebration!!!

La Chiva Loca NYC Party Bus.

More Than a Colombian Party Bus, a Family Celebration!

La Chiva Loca NYC is considered to be the best chicken party bus of all times in the City of New York and its surroundings because we treat you like family. Just ask our patrons and they will tell you, they have awesome times here.

La Chiva Loca NYC is a bus that reminds me of my childhood in Colombia. I still remember how all of our families gathered together inside the bus. People from Antioquia, uncles from Quito, friends from Cali, and relatives from Cartagena used to come. It was a feeling just like christmas. I want to thank you Chivita Loca NYC. Thanks to you guys, my family got together. Ivan J.

We invite you to try “La Chiva Loca” and let us remind you about home. Call 646 202 3928 and RSVP today.

Chiva Loca party bus is like a mobile night-life venue where you experience one of the best times of your life with music, drinks and tons of fun with family and friends. We offer a tour throughout New York City or Westchester County and take you to restaurants, bars, and where ever want to go. We include a driver, a photographer, a DJ, a bartender, drinks, BYOB, and we offer unlimited stops. Moreover, we include free cake, birthday t-shirt, and shots.

We celebrate all the events you need from weddings to sweet sixteens, bachelor parties, birthdays, and even quinceañeras welcome back parties, beach parties, general transportation, going away parties, just for fun parties, camping trips, and much more. We play any music you like. Make a playlist send it to [email protected]. Simple as that! And we will play your type of music day and night. Make your reservations and contact us today.

What do you find inside our Chiva Loca or chicken bus?

We are equipped with state of the art electronics such as a Playstation VR  (PSVR additional fee), play station 4, lasers, a green screen for VR production, a great sound system, a virtual DJ station, fog machines, drinks and the best entertainers. More than a Colombian party bus, a family celebration.

We are accepting exclusive RSVP for corporate events, parties, and schools.


La Chiva Loca All Inclusive Package: $50 USD per person includes the chauffeur, a music station, a photographer for Instagram, a bartender, cake, t-shirt and a unlimited stops in Manhattan.

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Send us an email with your request: [email protected]

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Did you know chivas, also called the chicken bus, are buses found in South and Central America that are upcycled into a transportation venue?